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IHT receipts have hit a post credit crunch high of £3bn according to the accountancy firm Smith & Williamson. Since the IHT nil rate band was frozen in 2009 average house prices have increased by 16% (20% in London). This means that more people are unwittingly falling into the IHT net. Starting with Estates valued at just £650k for married couples, IHT is no longer a tax paid by the super-rich only!

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IHT Planning

Often the easiest and greatest savings in IHT can be achieved by restructuring your existing investments - with the objective of taking growth and or capital value outside your Estate for IHT purposes.

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How to Avoid IHT

AvoidIHT.com is a site dedicated to helping you and your heirs avoid the IHT liability on your ultimate estate.

We can introduce you to qualified professional estate planners that will guide you through a personalised financial plan to help you assess avoid and mitigate IHT.

An initial consultation with a qualified professional would be FREE of charge and without obligation - all in the comfort of your own home.

Doing nothing will only ensure that the HMRC will collect more IHT than your heirs may need to have paid.

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Many people are aware of the possible taxation on their estate when it passes to their beneficiaries. However, HMRC know only too well that very few actually do anything to help mitigate the burden of the potential tax. As such Inheritance Tax raised £3bn for the Government in 2012/13. This site enables you to not only understand and assess the potential liability to IHT for your estate but it will show you how to take positive action to Avoid IHT. Act Now before it is too late. Simply contact us to begin the simple route to IHT avoidance. We believe that nobody should pay more tax than they have to.




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IHT Budget News

BUDGET 2015 "New Additional Nil Rate Band" introduced from 6th April 2017....

Inheritance tax threshold remains frozen at £325,000 for individuals and £650,000 for couples until 2017 / 2018....

New definifition of "Non-Dom" status...

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