Data Protection

The Purpose of this notice

This Notice will inform you of what personal information we may collect, how that information is used, where it is transferred and how you may wish to view such information. You may be assured that we will treat all personal information as confidential and will not process it other than for a legitimate purpose. Steps will be taken to ensure that the information is accurate, kept up to date and not kept for longer than is necessary. Measures will be taken to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage to the information.


How will your personal data be collected and used? does not offer advice and any information contained on this website is for information purposes only and should not be construed as advice. We collect personal data from you to extent necessary to provide administrative and management services and, subject to provisions below, related marketing activities. We may process your personal data and sensitive personal data for the following reasons:

•             administration in relation to referring you to suitable qualified advisers
•             our legitimate business process and activities including internal audit, accounting and business planning; and
•             compliance with legal, regulatory and other good governance obligations

This list is not exhaustive and may be updated from time to time as business needs and legal requirements dictate. Some of the personal data that we maintain will be kept in paper files, while other personal data will be included in computerised files and electronic databases.


What type of information may be processed?

We collect and process various personal data about you for the purposes of providing administration and management services, which are explained in more detail below. ‘Processing’ is defined in the Act but could include obtaining, recording or holding information or data.  ‘Personal Data’ is information which can identify you as a living individual, including where used in conjunction with other information. Common examples of personal data which may be collected and used by us in our day to day business activities include:

•             Name                                   
•             Date of birth
•             Gender
•             Marital status
•             Address
•             Telephone number and other contact details (including e-mail address)

Please note that, as with personal data, you have freedom of choice when it comes to your decision as to whether you provide us with sensitive personal data. In addition to your right to request that we stop processing your personal data and sensitive personal data at any time, you have an opportunity at the end of this Notice to choose not to provide sensitive personal data to us at all.

Who might your personal data be shared with?

Your personal data will be made available for the purposes mentioned above and only to responsible management, human resources, accounting, audit, compliance, information technology and other corporate staff. It may also be made available to third parties providing relevant services to us, including regulatory support.
Personal data may also be released to external parties as required by legislation, or by legal process, as well as to companies you authorise us to release your personal data to. We will not sell your personal data to any third party.